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"The Rebirth"

Whats in you far exceeds what surrounds you, push your purpose out and give birth!

Seemingly the mind sinks while the spirit soars. The heart follows which ever is at its best. Could it be that one is at War with the core of who she is? 

Forming inside is the child she never wanted to speak of....she is even presented with the opportunity to abort. If she aborts, she chooses timing in her own way which is death. If she goes full term she battles the inward and outward inability to care for the child because she herself has been stretched so far that she is drained.
Still the question is to abort or not to abort. She is seen as different, weird, and complicated but those are the least of her worries. She can't even fathom why this happened to her, what's next? 
The walls draw in closer, she pushes forward to face her fears but is pushed back only to know the past. She searches the inbetween to find a place to settle...only it is uncomfortable because the inbetween has a stop sign three months, four months, the growing pains, the morning sickness how must one survive. 
Time is ticking but not fast enough so she has moved from abortion and now thinks of adoption ....who will adopt such a child. ..a child shaped from hurt and pain yet the only positive that comes from the life of this child is that he is a fighter....six months, seven months suddenly she is standing on a dark road....many people pass by but as she reaches for help all have turned a death ear.
She sees a hand in the distance beckoning her to come but this hand is far different from any other hand she has ever seen. ...some would say it shows a sign of defeat but she sees the total opposite. ..she is then reminded of the words she once held so dearly...battle scars are proof of victory. 
She pushes through the crowd barely able to walk. She crawls secretly hoping the hand doesn't disappear because this is her one hope so she fights. Her breath is leaving her. The child inside kicks and punches as though it is angered because the mother needs to give more to reach the hand....closer closer  closer she reaches out for the hand and her water breaks. 
The child has caused her great pain throughout the nine months but makes a smooth transition into the world while the mother takes her last breath. 
The child is holding a tiny paper in its hand while the mother lays lifeless on the road....the hand that was beckoning for the mother to come picks up the child and opens the paper it reads " my mom named me MINISTRY, but my father knew about me before the world was created, above my left eye is my battle scar that the doctors left because my mom originally wanted to abort me, but I fought, she lays lifeless physically but the hand she saw saved her spiritually.
 My mom's last hope was to reach the hand that she had never seen before. This hand was pierced in the middle .I heard my mom say she needed to reach the hand so I kicked and punched her til she made it and then she gave birth to me and because I am apart of her I must now tell her story" the hand lifts up the child to all the people passing by and a loud voice says "receive this child this day for he shall proclaim my goodness and will be called MINISTRY. 
For the death of his mother is not in vain, for whoever will lay down his life for me will I then give life eternally." My mom never died she gave birth to her purpose and found her ultimate calling, MINISTRY. I was the reason for pain that she might have a story to save you.